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— Brian Buckley, MPH
Brian Tesler, M.D.  "Dr. Rainbow"

Brian Tesler, M.D.

"Dr. Rainbow"

Brian Tesler, M.D.

A Faculty Physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Saginaw, Michigan for Central Michigan University Health Team. Dr. Tesler is a passionate advocate for women’s and LGBTQI health. He has a Bachelor's of Human Biology and a Bachelor's of Science Nursing from University of Michigan and went on to complete his M.D. at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine.

Dr. Tesler began his career in critical care nursing and then worked for Gift of Life Michigan in organ donation. He then continued on his pursuit to fulfill his passion for science and medicine and returned to school to become a physician. It was during his career as a nurse and his journey through medicine that he first sparked his passion for helping to understand and help create better care for marginalized groups in medicine. 

Today, he works with LGBTQI youth advocacy and focuses on health issues pertaining to women and the LGBTQI community. Projects and collaborations to advance diverse care include:

  • Completed Training in health inequality and LGBTQI healthcare through the Fenway Institute and other specialized courses.

  • Completed and continues to pursue understanding and advancement of the subject through professional research.

  • Working with Detroit Mercy School of Nursing to create a safe student environment for LGBTQI learners and advance concepts of LGBTQI medicine.

  • Collaboration with the MSU Public Health/MD student program creating the OUTstanding Medicine program, which is laying the framework for an LGBTQI community provider network.

  • Collaboration with Wellness Health Services to advance LGBTQI quality of life and healthcare in Genesee County, MI

  • Working with Central Michigan University on grant projects focused on inclusive learning environments and community impact