Healthcare today is complex and we all know this isn't slowing down. The client population is dramatically changing. The demands on providers to understand, navigate and provide excellent service to various populations has become intense.  One of the fastest growing areas gaining a great deal of attention is LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexaul, Transgender, Queer/Quetioning, Intersex) medicine.  

“...Most informative and engaging talk about the critical need for equality in healthcare. The clinical staff were in awe”
— Catherine Metz, PT MBA, Service Line Administrator

The LGBTQI patient population requires a great amount of understanding and advocacy to truly participate in today's healthcare and benefit from its care providers and clinicians. A dangerous amount of disease and poor outcomes for this community are directly related to our inability to provide an environment of trust and understanding. From the moment they walk into an institution every person, sign and form they come into contact with greatly impacts their experience and ability to benefit from your services.

Dr. Tesler's talks are aimed at easing the transition and starting conversations within institutions that are striving to deliver equitable care. Beginning from the basics, he helps to understand things like terminology and ending with what you can do next. Simply, a complete course in the basics of LGBTQI care! LGBT Health Education and Training are core to the start of many programs such as Health Equality Index hospital certification and is even mentioned in Joint Commission's upcoming recommendations.

                       Dr. Tesler with  Wellness Services  Advocates at  Hurley Medical Center's  Pride Month

                       Dr. Tesler with Wellness Services Advocates at Hurley Medical Center's Pride Month