Frequently Asked Questions?

What does LGBTQI mean?

(L) Lesbian, (G) gay, (B) Bisexual, (T) Transgendered/Trans, (Q) Queer/Questioning, (I) Intersex

These are the identifiers used to help relate to and understand the LGBTQI community and the persons within it. 

Will Dr. Tesler's talks include sensitive subjects like religion and politics?

Dr. Tesler acknowledges the many sensitive viewpoints related to his topic. He understands and respects the many perspectives that religion and politics offer to the conversation. Dr. Tesler has found a balanced, informational approach is most effective in starting your group on their journey to understanding.  In doing so he has carefully crafted a conversational style lecture experience for all audiences to enjoy.  It's a way to help those with little, some or even advanced knowledge of the subject to be able to take steps toward equality in healthcare together.

Can we earn continuing education credits for the talk?

Yes! Dr. Tesler is both a Registered Nurse and Physician. Organizations have been able to achieve continuing education credits for both Nurses and Physicians.

Does Dr. Tesler travel out of state or internationally?

Yes! He would love to come and help your institution start the conversation on LGBTQI healthcare. Visit our booking page or contact us for more information. 

Is there someone I can talk to that has heard Dr. Tesler speak?

Absolutely! We would be happy to refer you to an institution or individual that has heard Dr. Tesler's talk. Complete a contact form.